Blacks killing blacks

 Jacob Zuma: photo Wikipedia

Newspapers tell about the massacre north of Johannesburg, South Africa, ”The most bloodiest policecontribution since apartheidsystem”, writes Reuters.

About 3000 mineworkers were striking for higher rates, when they ignored orders from the police to stop, they were attacked and 34 miners were shot to death and 78 were wounded.

A South African radio talked about what had happened as a parallelsituation to the massacre in Sharpville 1960 when the police shot 50 black demonstrators to death.

President Jacob Zuma was at the time in Mocambique but returned emediately back to Johannesburg when he heard what had happened. The president told he was chocked and upset over the policeaction. The police told they shot in self defence.

What is clear is that there are struggles between people with different incomes in Sout Africa says the Swedish SIDA representative Sten Rylander. There have been fighting between two different unions where ten people were killed, among them two policemen. This trouble started when the miners at the Lonmins mine outside Johannesburg descided to stop working because of their low rates. They were camping outside the mine when they were told to either go on working or loose their jobs. Then the police appeared.



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