Higher than Himalaya


Higher than Himalaya
Deaper than the deapest Ocean
Sweeter than honey

With these poetical words Nawaz Sharif, prime minister of Pakistan, describes the friendship with China. He now discusses with his colleague Li Keqiang how to develope the economical relationship between Pakistan and China.
Several countries in Africa have developed business relations with China. China helps the countries with building infrastructure, like roads and airports, and in return they get nature resources.

Articles in Swedish newspapers of today tells about high contents of lead, arsenic and mercury in Asian health food. Lilian Abrahamsson Zetterberg, toxicology at the Swedish Provisions Office, Livsmedelsverket, sais: “Of certain danger is that one of the articles, where the amount of arsenic is extremely high, is recommended for children” (Swedish:”Speciellt allvarligt är att ett av preparaten, där halten av arsenic är extremt hög, rekommenderas till barn”).

The fresh air of Himalaya, the clean water of the Oceans and nontoxic food are the most valuable resources humanity has.


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