At Ag. Marina, Aegina, Greece

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Took the local bus across the island to Ag. Marina where I had a delishes lunch at “The drunken shrimp”. Never heard of that dish before! It was the most expensive on the meny, 14 euro, and Niko, the owner of the tawern, told me about the recipy where you boil shrimps in ouzo. I ordered a horiatiki, a greek sallad, and got very tasty olives from their own yard, homemade feta and leaves of capris (kapris in Swedish, havn´t got any English dictionary). Then I was served a slice of halvas, also homemade, made by sesamyseads, hony, pistagenuts and cinnamon. A glass of cool water and a coffee metrio, small greek coffe w/little sugar made my lunch just perfect!
Passed the monastery of Ag. Nectarius and the archeological site Naos Afeas on my way. Didn´t stopped since I had an appointment w/ my greek friend Lena at the fishmarket in Aegina. Have to go back!

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